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We have developed our own enterprise registration system with web, desktop and mobile interfaces for online and onsite real-time access, providing a complete event solution for largely customized and personalized events. Many other sophisticated solutions exist for online registration, badge printing, tracking etc, but very few are fully integrated and customizable to any significant extent. Unlike these services and solutions, we do not provide a simple subscription package fully laden with features you have to master, but rather we provide the end product for a modest fee, which is customized EXACTLY to your needs. No learning curve, no compromise, no technical headaches, just your requirements, our creative juice and many nights to worry about your users and not your event.

Solutions in a Nutshell

• Microsites
The first step in running events is the construction of the event web site (microsite) and the EDMs that drive potential registrants to that web site. We build these customized microsites in record time and manage all the updates and enhancements during the lifetime of the event. Sure, there are many online tools out there, but we do it all, the technical (DNS, SSL, Mail Server, DB), the content (HTML, Scripting, CSS) the process (Approval, Rejection, Reminder, Logins, Surveys) and of course all the updates and maintenance.

• Onsite
An event takes place ... onsite! So we provide all the support for your onsite registration and data management. If it's something to do with data, and it's onsite, we have the solution (if not we'll find a way don't worry!) Whether it be attendance tracking, table allocation, badge printing, session tracking, message boarding, all is linked to our core system e1. We use whatever is most appropriate at our disposal including our own servers, networks, laptops, tablets, badges. It's all in the bag!

• Badging
Badges may seem like the simplest of all things, but actually they are difficult to produce in mass, fully personalized, and for a large group of people (who seem to arrive to collect all at the same time). We provide solutions for different types of badges, with any kind of printed content, and we also provide different ways for you to produce these badges, prior to the event (coz we know you never receive the names on time) and during the event (coz we know badges get messed up no matter how you arrange them).

• e-Manual
Exhibitors got a lot of things to prepare. Event organisers may need to create a website for exhibitors to submit exhibitor name list, required documents or requests. E-manual website will sort out all things for exhibitor affairs.

• Tracking
Tracking of delegates during an event is a must when, for example, we need to identify which sessions a delegate is attending. With this information, we are able to connect with the delegate post-event and provide additional relevant information related to those sessions.

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