SingReg event on-site registration software

Our event on-site registration software - SingReg was developed using latest technologies to all event registration general and special requirements. It runs on Windows 7/8 and has the following features.

  Badge design very easy
User just needs to drag a few labels or pictures to design template. The labels are linked to data fields. What you see in design time is what you get. Furthermore, each visitor can have individual badge design. No more long visitor name issue.

  Powerful registration form
You will find you can do a lot things in the registration form. You can search/filter visitor with any information. You can input survey/questionnaires answers. You can do mass badge printing. You can decide the order of data fields. You can edit/crop photos. All badges are automatcally previewed...

  Support multiple visitor categories
Each catogory may has its own badge template.

  Freely define any data fields
In addition to standard field like visitor name, company, country and etc, user can define and work with any fields. For example, you can define a new field named 'Dinner RSVP' to record whether visitor will attend dinner.

  Registration number easily customizble
You can simply use sequential digits as registration number. You also can include visitor category or day ordinal into the registration number.

  Mass Badge Printing
For example, you can choose a range of visitors and print badges by sorting via company then followed by name

  Highlight field values
User can specify text color or background color of certain field values. For example, user such text 'Unpaid' to indicate visitor has not made payment.

  Support Kiosk self registration
Visitor key in his/her pre-registration number and print badge immediately. No staff involved.

  Report by day and category
Just one click to see overall registration status grouped by day and visitor category. You also can group by country or any other fields.

  Data Analyzer
You can search, filter or group data freely within data analyzer. No need any technical knowledge.

There are still a lot of features for you to find out.

Please feel free to contact us to evaluate this software.

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